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Water and Health Activities Survey

What would you like to see on this website? (pick two)

Interactive games (for example the Water Concentration Game).
Interactive Q & A Tutorials (like Chlorine vs. Diseases).
Summaries of scientific research on health and specific water contents.
Teacher's guides & student worksheets to accompany web-based activities.

To what audience should we tailor our content ?
  the General Public
Elementary School Children
High School and Junior High Students

What specific water quality, health-related information would you like to see?

Thank you.

Over the next year, the SWEHSC Outreach Program will be developing new, online educational content relating to common questions and concerns about water quality (in general and in Tucson). The content will be for the general public and for K-12 educators. We want to help answer your questions and meet your needs.

Thank you for taking a minute and fill out this form.

Drinking Water


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