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Total Dissolved Solids

TDS and Taste of Tucson Water

Mineral content can often affect the taste of the water and many people can detect a salty taste when TDS is above 500 parts per million.

High TDS levels are also responsible for water spotting on dishes and plumbing fixtures and for the white mineral buildup sometimes seen on water faucets and swamp coolers.

In taste tests, Tucson Water customers preferred a blend of water with TDS (total dissolved solids) in the range of 350 - 450 parts per million. Although there are no health-related water quality standards for TDS in water, Tucson Was has committed to this range as a maximum for TDS in the blend being delivered from Clearwater. The amount of TDS in the blend will not exceed 450 parts per million for the foreseeable future.

City of Tucson Water

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