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pH Basics - Q & A

High pH Water

This question was submitted to us from the Internet.

Q: I went into a health food store yesterday and was told I should increase the pH of my drinking water with a product called -Alkilife. This product increases the pH to 9.5. It seems to me that if you drink this your stomach acid will greatly change this and the supposed benefits "neutralized". What do you think? It would be a benefit for someone to address this on your site since people are trying to sell this to people with immune deficiencies, cancer etc.

A: The answers below are provided by several faculty of the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center. Look as several and compare.
Dr. Elaine Jacobson "The stomach is designed to function at a very low pH ...
Dr. Clark Lantz "A quick internet search found several other products that produce "alkaline ionized water" ...
Dr. David Nix "The patent for this product (5,306,511) was awarded ...
Desiree' Tilbury, Doctor of Pharmacy Student  "You are absolutely correct ...

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