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Unified Community Action Board (UCAB)

Since 2001, another important avenue for the SWEHSC - COEP general public outreach has been active participation in the “Unified Community Advisory Board” (UCAB) for the Tucson Airport Superfund Site. The “UCAB” is comprised of interested citizens, primarily those who live on the Southside of Tucson which is affected by the contamination, and companies and agencies that are “Primary Responsible Parties” in the contamination clean-up. “UCAB” oversees the trichloroethylene (TCE) clean-up process and keeps the community informed about important issues, such as 1,4 dioxane, recently found on the site.

Current Activities
In addition to attending “UCAB” meetings and events, COEP assisted the “UCAB” with educating local youth about the events surrounding the trichloroethylene (TCE) contamination, and the exposure of Southside residents to TCE. Dr. A. Jay Gandolfi, a SWEHSC member, met with “UCAB” members to discuss how to teach high school students about toxicology.

Program Evaluation
The members of the “UCAB” see the COEP attendance at the bi-monthly meetings as an important contribution to the community. They requested that the COEP create a curriculum to teach Tucson-area high school students about TCE. The first effort was not accepted because the approach taken was deemed too controversial. The first curriculum was developed around a court case scenario. Since this issue is still in litigation, the board voted against going forward with that approach, but asked the COEP to make a second plan.

Future Plans
To continue the development of lessons, COEP, Tucson Water, and the Environmental Education Exchange are collaborating to create a curriculum regarding TCE contamination and TCE cleanup for local school districts. We are seeking funding from Region 9 of the US EPA.

UCAB Partners

Raytheon Missile Systems Company - Tucson, AZ

Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure (Provide Public Relations Services for the U.S. Air Force)

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