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Arizona Daily Star Special Edition on TCE - 1985 Arizona Daily Star Special Edition - 1985 on TCE
Arizona Daily Star 1985
Special Edition on TCE
PDF Icon Arizona  Daily Star Special Edition on TCE

What is TCE?

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Video: Maya tells us about her experiences growing up on the South Side of Tucson, where TCE affected the water supply and its impact on her health.  
Teacher Materials
Risk Assessment
From- http://superfund.pharmacy.arizona.edu/outreach/Information%20Sheets/Risk_Assessment/Risk_Assessment.php
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From- http://superfund.pharmacy.arizona.edu/outreach/Information%20Sheets/TCE/What_is_TCE.php
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TCE PowerPoint
By Christine Margarita Krikliwy, UCAB Member
Powerpoint Icon: TCE Powerpoint
Human Health Risks of TCEClick here for the Human Health Risks of TCE
1,4 Dioxane
From: http://superfund.pharmacy.arizona.edu/outreach/Information%20Sheets/1%204%20dioxane/1_4_dioxane.php
Student Materials
TCE Pamphlet Click here for the TCE Brochure Click here for the TCE Brochure Click here for the TCE Brochure PDF Icon
TCE Health Risks PDF Icon
1,4 Dioxane PDF Icon
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Photo: Three Hangars groundwater and soil vapor treatment facility at the Tucson International Airport
Post of the Knock Out Pots taken at the Dedication C eremony on November 5, 2007
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