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Arizona Daily Star Special Edition on TCE - 1985 Arizona Daily Star Special Edition - 1985 on TCE
Arizona Daily Star 1985
Special Edition on TCE
PDF Icon Arizona  Daily Star Special Edition on TCE

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TCE Curriculum Introduction

Welcome to the TCE Curriculum!

We hope you find these lessons helpful as you educate your students on the problems with TCE in our community. If need be, a number of speakers can come into the classroom and give more specific presentations on various aspects of the TCE site.

The UCAB Committee (made up of community members, EPA reps and all parties and agencies involved in the on-going clean-up) have been meeting for 7+ years on a monthly basis generating reports and compiling data and can be contacted for information. Tucson’s El Pueblo Branch Library houses the entire TCE collection consisting of every report; map and article connected with the TCE clean up. While the materials cannot be checked out, they are available as reference material to anyone who wants to use them.

Arizona Daily Star printed a special section, May 1985, devoted to the TCE contamination when it was first being dealt with and both papers, Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen, can be sources of information for students. This could turn into a situation of “information overload” for students since there is so much written concerning the Southside site and the subject in general. Use your judgment and appraise the level of your students to guide you.

The important outcome from the TCE Curriculum is for the students to learn something about the community they live in and for them to gain an understanding of how people, who work together can, solve environmental problems that occur. You will know the students have “gotten it” when they voice questions wondering what we, as a community, are doing presently that might be found to be harmful to our surroundings in the future!

The nature of science and how science and technology and the need to know help drive our knowledge base are the underlying themes that are threaded throughout the TCE Curriculum and it is hoped that becomes apparent in the student’s finished products.

For more information, contact Marti Lindsey, Outreach Director, or Stephanie Nardei, Information Specialist at the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center of the University of Arizona.

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