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Arizona Daily Star Special Edition on TCE - 1985 Arizona Daily Star Special Edition - 1985 on TCE
Arizona Daily Star 1985
Special Edition on TCE
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Chemistry:Illegal Dumping Lessons

Big Idea

The illegal dumping of chemicals such as Trichloroethylene causes health problems as it pollutes our environment. Cleaning up this mess is a major problem facing us and our children.

Essential Question

How can trichloroethylene be removed from the groundwater?

Learning Cycle


Love Canal
Students will use their knowledge of chemistry to make informed choices and consider waste disposal issues.
Undertsanding the implications of illegal dumping of chemical waste. Map the trichloroethylene contamination of the groundwater in Tucson, Arizona.


Investigate Contaminants
Students will investigate Trichloroethylene (TCE) and chemicals found in Love Canal. Chemicals from landfill sites pose the greatest threat to society when they enter the water supply.
1. Draw chemical structures
2. Understand need for safe disposal of waste chemicals

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Oxidation with Potassium Permanganate
Students learn how electron transfer takes place in this oxidation/ reduction reaction
Understand how trichloroethylene is removed from the groundwater by oxidation.

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Love Canal - Conclusion
Students will interpret the water analysis report given by their local water company.
Students will be able to interpret chemical analysis reports and communicate their findings.

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