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Scientist Recruitment

The SWEHSC - COEP offers Investigators a new opportunity for involvement with the COEP that reaches beyond traditional outreach mechanisms, such as making presentations and materials development or review. COEP will highlight Investigator research through web pages and
by "extended abstracts" of a key publication or research. These "extended abstracts" will be suitably written for the public, undergraduates, or high school audiences.

Our goal is to have a wide variety of detailed research descriptions available for the public to view, and for high school or college-level teachers to use in their teaching. The COEP developed a lesson and an interactive web page to accompany the "extended abstracts" to show students how scientists communicate research results and the scientific process, and how to read scientific papers. The COEP is using the "extended abstract" approach to make the documents more interesting and understandable to our target audience.

As a scientist and researcher you can make a difference!
Get involved by following these four easy steps:

1. Review COEP opportunities for involvement
2. Decide how much time you can commit
3. Contact Marti or Rachel about getting involved
4. Grasp the rewards of outreach by providing mentoring, job shadowing, internship experiences, and / or any of the activities described below:

• Work with groups of teachers during an environmental health - biomedical issues curriculum development during the summer of 2004.
Commitment: approximately 2 - 15 hours
Topics: Various, including but not limited to sanitation, drug development, hazards materials, tobacco, government, ethics and policy surrounding environmental health

• Serve on Advisory Boards for COEP or PULSE
Commitment: approximately 2 hours twice a year

• Review already developed curriculum for content accuracy.
Commitment: approximately 3-4 hours
Topics: Various including but not limited to cancer, toxicology, air and water quality, and pesticides

• Connect with a teacher using one of our environmental health / toxicology curricula and visit a classroom.
Commitment: approximately 3 hours
Topics: Toxicology, disease clusters, air pollution

• Present your research to groups of teachers during summer workshops.
Commitment: no more than 5 hours
Topics: various, of your interest

• Share your research in a lab setting to groups of teachers during the summer by conducting lab tours and/or doing presentations.
Commitment: approx. 2 hours
Topics: various, of your interest

• Help students see scientists as real people. Be interviewed for web articles. Articles might be about what drew you to science, the nature of science, etc.
Commitment: variable

• Work with COEP staff in writing articles for laypeople on your research or current environmental health issues.
Commitment: 5-10 hours
Topics: various, of your interest

• Work with COEP staff to develop asthma and allergy related materials or materials related to TCE exposure or clean up.
Commitment: variable

• Write Extended Abstracts of Research for upcoming COEP materials on how to read a scientific paper
Commitment: 5-10 hours
Topics: various, of your interest

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