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COEP communicates general environmental health and toxicology information and SWEHSC Investigator research results through media, teacher training, and web-based activities.

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NIEHS provides funding for environmental health and toxicology education and a resource website available to the public.
COEP conducts a one-week intensive summer course each June for teachers in addition to sessions held in school districts and presented at conferences.
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COEP writes and teaches environmental health curriculum that is integrated into social studies, language arts and math. It has been shown that such curriculum is motivational to students.

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The SWEHSC does public outreach regarding air and water quality through three primary mechanisms.

Each summer COEP participates in on-campus activities for middle school and high school students. One of the favorite activities is “California Blackworms”.

COEP has SEPA grants to develop and test an integrated high school curriculum, to create and disseminate health observance materials, and to teach toxicology concepts.
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Funded by NIEHS grant # ES06694

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