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Curriculum Structure
Curriculum Design

Curriculum Structure
IMPACTT has a four-tiered structure that can be used at any of the levels.


Yearlong theme This is largest, most encompassing tier. The year long theme is what drives the rest of tiers with respect to content. The 9th grade theme is "The Environment" and the 10th grade theme is "World Explorations."
II. Unit Currently, each grade level has 4-5 units relating to the yearlong theme. The 9th grade units are: Biodiversity, Air Quality, Land and its Uses, and Water. The 10th grade units include: Origins of the Universe, Origins of Life, The History of Science and Medicine, Disease & Industrialization, and 20th Century Complexities
III. Major Projects Within each unit, students complete a Major Project. Major Projects are the primary means for student assessment (where they are assigned a grade) and skills/knowledge application. A major project incorporates all academic subjects and, when possible, attempts to provide a "real world" experience for the students.
IV. Lessons Generally there are between 10-30 lessons (representing all the required subjects) implemented with the students for each major project and/or unit. The lessons provide students with the background knowledge or skills development needed to successfully complete a Major Project. Most lessons incorporate some form of assessment. Students are expected to complete all lessons successfully in order to not receive an Incomplete.
Lessons will be accessed from the Resources for Environmental Health Studies (REHS) digital library, currently under construction.


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