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Major Projects are a way for students to apply the skills and information they learned from the variety of lessons in a given unit. To date there are four Major Projects developed for the IMPACTT curriculum, one project for each unit. The time to implement each can range from one to three weeks.
  Each Major Project (linked below) provides descriptions of how to conduct the project and additional links to lessons that relate directly to the Major Project, rather than to lessons concerning the content of the topic.
  Major Projects can be implemented during the delivery of the basic content lessons or near the completion of the content / topic lessons. The decision about when to implement the Major Project is left up to the teacher.

Major Projects of IMPACTT

Conduct a class debate about the environment
Inform the community about a local water issue with a brochure
Create a video documentary on local biota and historical uses of the biota
Organize & implement a tobacco & health conference

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