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Conduct a class debate about land use:


Major Projects are a way for students to apply the skills and information they learned from the variety of lessons in a given unit. The project for the land unit is a debate or series of debates. This Major Project can be implemented in one to three weeks, depending on how many debates are conducted.
  Major Projects is be implemented near the completion of the background lessons. The decision about when to implement the Major Project is left up to the teacher. The background information is needed to be able to make complete and valid arguments in the debate.
  Students will work in teams and conduct several debates about common and regional land use issues. If a video camera is available, the debates can be filmed and the students can critique their team's performance.
Variations on the theme:
  Debates can be on any issue meaningful to the students. Students can host a school-wide debate or participate in off-campus debate events.
Possible Partners:
  Any organization that works with land issues: Sierra Clubs, city or county land planning offices, US Forestry service.

Students will:
· Work cooperatively in groups to develop arguments to support the point of view they select or are assigned to debate about a local land issue.
· Apply their knowledge of the land use and pollution to assist their community.
· Explore career opportunities in the environmental health fields by teaming up with professionals to study, plan,
organize, and evaluate land use in their community.

  Introduction to the Debating Process
  Debate Rules Lesson:
  Debate Grading Rubric:
  Land Use Law: An Overview
  Integrated Land Use Strategies Arizona
  1:250,000-scale Land Use Land Cover for Arizona
  Land Use History - The Arizona Strip
  Land Use Planning Introduction
  Debate Central
  Interantional Debate Education Association
  Example videos of a debate
  Debate Director
  How to Debate better

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