Peer Review Checklist
Biodiversity Unit of IMPACTT
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___ Name, Date, Title, Section Headings Are the name, date and title visible?
If there are different sections, do they have proper headings?
___ >Sentence Fragments Did the author use complete sentences throughout?
___ Spelling Did the author use correct spelling?  If you are unsure about the spelling of a word, did you look in the dictionary or ask someone for help?
___ Grammar Did the author use proper grammar?  Did they avoid using slang words (“like”), abbreviations (“thru”, “w/”) and contractions (“I’m”, “isn’t”)?  Do their nouns match their verbs?
___ Format: Font, Font Size, Spacing, and Indentation Is the font clear and easy to read?  Is the size appropriate for the project (usually 12 point font)?  Are the lines and margins spaced appropriately?
___ Clarity & Organization Does the writing make sense?  Are the thoughts organized?  Is the reader able to understand what the author is trying to say?

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