Lab Reports and their Format
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Write your name, the date, and the title of the lab at the beginning of your report.


Write a short summary describing the overall purpose and goal(s) of the experiment and the most important result(s) obtained.  This section is meant to catch the attention of a potential reader so he or she will want to read the entire report.


Clearly state the question you explored and present your hypothesis in terms of the type of data you collected.  Briefly describe the objectives of the laboratory exercise.  What were you trying to observe?  Which principles of nature were the experiments designed to demonstrate? 


List the materials used in the experiment.  Be specific. If necessary, include details about the materials.

____Procedures (or Methods)

Present the details of the design of your experiment.  How did you prepare for the experiment?  How was your data collected (method of measurement, including instruments used)?  What did you do with your data?  How did you compare your data to your hypothesis?  In general, you should provide enough information so that another group could repeat your experiment accurately.


Present and summarize your data in this section.  Report the results of your statistical test(s).  Include your raw data in the form of a data table, or any worksheets you used.  Where appropriate, use figures and graphs to present your results.  However you choose to present your results, take special care to indicate the units of measurement of your variables. 


Consider the following questions in this section:  According to your statistical analysis, were your results significant?  What do your results say about your original question?  What new questions occur to you now that you have performed your study?  Also, this section should address the points your raised in the Introduction

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