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Integrating Multiple Perspectives Across the Curriculum for Today and Tomorrow
(9-12 grade)

IMPACTT is an integrated high school environmental health science program under development. IMPACTT participants explore a variety of environmental health careers, discover how environmental health connects with all major academic subjects, and learn about environmental issues of the Southwestern United States, with particular emphasis on local Native American and Hispanic communities. A unique aspect of the program is that with four years of participation (9th - 12th grade), students will exceed the SUSD graduation requirements, meet the Arizona universities admission requirements for math, English, history and government, and exceed the university admissions science requirements. The 11th and 12th grade students will be able to receive community college credits toward an associates degree or Environmental Technology Certificate for Direct Employment. Under development in partnership with the Sunnyside Unified School District (SUSD).

IMPACTT website

Sunnyside Unified School District


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