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Environmental Health and Toxicology Community Outreach and Education
We inform the public, K-12 educators, and environmental health professionals about environmental health sciences and toxicology issues through workshops, online papers, and K-12 programs, in the classroom and online

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The University of Arizona KEYS (K-12 Engaging Youth in Science) Research Internship offers six-week summer internships to highly motivated high school students who have a strong interest in pursuing advanced education or training in the bioscience or biomedical fields. This past summer, we completed our 2nd Annual KEYS Internship.
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Photograph of the students and staff of the 2008 KEYS Internship


Environmental Health curriculum developed by Community Outreach will be taught at Wildcat School. Students will learn about Arsenic Poisoning and the PULSE Curriculum on Cultures & Cycles.

Meeting at Wildcat Charter School


PCOL819 Health Information Communication is a three-unit course with lab for students interested in pharmacy or similar health related careers. Students will attend classes each week to learn about health information communication and curricula to be used in local classrooms.

Photograph of PharmD Students from 2007

The University of Arizona’s Tox-Start program offers a unique summer opportunity to motivated high school students who possess a strong interest in science and enviromental health. Tox-Start is a week-long summer program held at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona for freshman and sophomores in high school.

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TCE curriculum imagethe Tucson Story of Trichloroethylene Environmental Contamination and Cleanup: an integrated case study using curriculum in science, language arts, and social studies to teach local history and science to high school students.


The Asthma & Allergy Walk is another activity Community Outreach does for middle and high school students. For more information, go to the Asthma & Allergies Resources.

Asthma & Allergy Walk


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Fun Environmental Health ActivitiesEnvironmental health and toxicology are fascinating topics that can engage students of all ages. The lessons and activities included here address environmental health and toxicology, and translate research from the SWEHSC into educational materials for K-12 teachers, administrators, and students.
Photograph of Martha Lindsey (Marti) Director of Community Outreach Photo of Marti Lindsey
Marti Lindsey
Director, Community Outreach
Photograph of Stephanie Nardei Information Specialist for the UA SWEHSC Community Outreach Photo of Stephanie Nardei
Stephanie Nardei
Information Specialist


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