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Formal Education

The Formal Education “Health Observance Package” (HOP) is designed to be used in outreach and education activities in Middle School and/or a High School setting.
Some of the lessons are are arranged in learning cycles. For more about the learning cycle approach read "Using Learning Cycles as the basis for curriculum design".

Other resources include: Authentic Education http://www.grantwiggins.org/ubd.html and Kolb learning styles http://www.businessballs.com/kolblearningstyles.htm.

The goal is to develop the science literacy skills of teachers and students. To reach the most audiences and to accommodate the program styles of the eight partners, this HOP provides activities that meet the following objectives:

  • A variety of time frames for the approved activities.
  • Activities that focus on the reading current research and using that information in a hands-on project.
  • Utilizes existing curricula whenever possible. Several new lessons were created to achieve the goal.

Middle School Curriculum

Lung Attack and Recipe for Ozone Activities

Asthma and the Air You Breathe
Ozone, Particulate Matter, and Carbon Monoxide – Oh My!
Pollutant Posters

Vehicles and Pollution
CO Buildup City
What’s The Connection between Convection and Inversion? : Convection Currents and Temperature Inversion
Taking Action


Middle School Reading Activity


Reading About Asthma for Middle School Studnets
"Asthma: Stopping Attacks Before They Start"

The above lessons are based on "Asthma: Stopping Attacks Before They Start" at http://www.glencoe.com/sec/health/teachres/lessonplans/rsasthma.shtml

Curriculum for Middle Schools

“Asthma Fact Files”, which is part of the Integrated Environmental Health Middle School Project (IEHMSP) created by the Community Outreach and Education Program of the Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health at the University of Washington. More about this project can be found at http://www.iehms.com/online/


High School Curriculum

“Reading Research Papers”
( MS Word documents )

Teaching Plan for Reading Research Papers



Choose one - based on the topic of the paper


Cockroaches, Allergies, and Asthma Poster Creation Activity

Articles (you can obtain these article from PubMed at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?db=PubMed)

Rosenstreich et al. (1997) The Role of Cockroach Allergy and Exposure to Cockroach Allergen in Causing Morbidity Among Inner-City Children with Asthma. New England Journal of Medicine, v336, n19, 1357-1363.

Friedman et al. (2001) Impact of Changes in Transportation and Commuting Behaviors During the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta on Air Quality and Childhood Asthma. JAMA, February 21, 2001—Vol. 285, No. 7 (You will need to register at JAMA as a guest user)

The AMBIENT Project is a systemic approach to environmental health science education. Focused around the four environmental themes of air, water, soil and food, as well as an additional emphasis on ethics and toxicology, a health-science problem-based learning approach is being delivered by trained teachers to the ethnically diverse population of high school students in Miami-Dade County. Teaching Plan for the Ambient Air Module


Teacher Training Session(s)

Middle School Curricula
Suggested Agenda

High School Curricula
Suggested Agenda

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