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2005 Teacher Workshop - Gallery

Meet the participants of this year's workshop

Monday June 6th, 2005
• Participants took a pre-test and did an ice-breaker.
Dr. Ralph G. Meyer, from the Arizona Cancer Center (AZCC) presented "Intro to Chemicals and Cancer: Preventing cancer by managing genomics stability".

Monday June 6th, 2005  cont...
• Brink Harrison, a PULSE teacher conducted the curriculum activity "Chernobyl Demonstration and Mathematics".

Tuesday June 7th, 2005
• Dr. Simon James Cooper's (AZCC) lecture was titled "UV Exposure and Skin Cancer".
• Katy Honaman, a PULSE teacher discussed "Dangers of Illiteracy and Language Arts".
Marti and Rachel described future opportunities with COEP to the workshop participants. They presented "PULSE: Promoting Understanding and Learning for Society & Environmental Health", and why teachers should join the PULSE Project.
All the participating teachers marked their schools on a map of Arizona.


Wednesday June 8th, 2005
• The faculty lecture "The dark side of light: skin, photoaging and carcinogenesis" was presented by Dr. Georg Thomas Wondrak from AZCC.
Wednesday June 8th, 2005 cont...
• Workshop participants chose which lab tour they want to take. This group toured the Synthetic Chemistry facility and several other labs at the Department of Chemistry with Dr. Gene Mash.

Wednesday June 8th, 2005 cont..
• The second group of participants visited the Imaging Lab at the Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy. Doug Cromey, Manager, SWEHSC Cellular Imaging Core explained the functions of the advance microscopes. Later the participants visited the Pharmacy Museum located in the College of Pharmacy building.


Thursday June 9th, 2005
• Dr. Mark R. Riley from the Dept. of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, presented his lecture on "Air Toxics and Cancer".
• Paola Villa Werstler from the AZCC presented the "Arizona Sun Awareness Project", and demonstrated the puppet show was developed for elementary students.

Friday June 10th, 2005
• The faculty lecture for the final day of the workshop was delivered by Dr. Raymond B. Runyan on "TCE and Health Problems".


Friday June 10th, 2005 cont...
The curriculum activity on this day was presented by Rachel Hughes and Kirstin Bittle, a PULSE teacher. This activity was titled "Hook, Line & Sinker: Grabbing Students and the Standards with Air Quality Exercises". This section of the workshop included several hands-on activities.

© Photo credit Samanthi Hewakapuge & Rachel Wilhite, COEP June 2006

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