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COEP Events

Each year COEP Events directly reach over 300 students, teachers and members of the general public.

Teachers at work

The foundation of SWEHSC - COEP is our K-12 materials development and
teacher training. We teach five curricula (Green Feathers, The Johnson
Family, The Sanchez Family, Understanding Garbage and Our Environment,
and Cluster Busters) and conduct Teacher Professional Training each summer.
Teachers at the dump

COEP staff members attended the El Rio Health Fair and Tucson Home Show
along with Tucson Water to answer questions concerning water quality and they also hosted a water quality presentation at a recent College of Public Health
Students at work
Find out more about the curricula used in COEP student workshops.

Each year events directed at studnets reach at least 100 students. Some of the events we are involved with are the Daughters on Campus events, area Science Fairs, and Summer Youth Activities on the University of Arizona campus, which provide K-12 students with activities for learning toxicology with "Lemons & Onions", "Race to Find the Cure", and " California Blackworms".
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