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Lemons and Onions
(elementary - middle school toxicology activity)

A hands on lesson that helps students understand how to evaluate environmental health problems. Based on the ToxRap curricula and taken from The Case of the Green Feathers. However it was adapted in such a way that it is both educational and entertaining for all grade levels.

Teacher Guides / Student Worksheets
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Lemons and Onions Instructions and Worksheet
Wall Charts
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Small versions of the wall charts
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Hazard Questions
People Questions
ToxRap Map

This activity was presented frequently as a demonstration of basic principles of toxicology.

ToxRAP Network
(The Case of the Green Feathers)

Pharm Camp
(Student Workshop)


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Based on the ToxRap, this educational and entertaining activity helps students understand how to evaluate environmental health problems.

Funded by NIEHS grant # ES06694

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