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Welcome to Ohio!
"The Buckeye State"

(7th in US)

40,953 sq. mi.

State flower:
Scarlet Carnation

State Bird:

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Environmental Quality Office

Sites with Known Contamination

Buckeye Laminating, Inc. 3310 S. Somewhere Ave.

The plant has released chemical emissions into the air since 1983.

The emissions travel roughly east - southeast and are detectable 1.5 miles away.

Contaminants of concern: dichloromethane

Somewheretown Metalworks 6955 S. Somewhere Ave.

In production since 1994. The plant releases waste into the river downstream from the town.

Contaminants of concern: copper, lead and zinc


Eastern Middle West Country Club 33rd Ave. and Midwest Blvd.

Established in 1975, the golf course stores and applies pesticides. Recently, there has been movement of pesticides through the soil into a neighboring area. The contamination has not reached the ground water and the pesticide levels are decreasing due to biotransformation into less toxic or non-toxic chemicals.

The pesticide storage tank has released pesticide vapors into the air on 6 occasions in the last year. On three occasions, residents nearest to the golf course complained about the odor. It is estimated that the airborne contamination was restricted to an area within mile of the storage tank.

Contaminants of concern: carbamates, pyrethrins, and organophosphates (used in numerous comercial pesticides).

C4 Agro 2626 E. 25th Ave.

The plant manufactures fertilizers for agricultural crops. A Class I injection well was installed in 1992 to deposit liquid waste into deep, isolated, underground areas below potable (= drinking) water.

Contaminants of concern: ammonia and nitrates

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