Cluster Busters

Cluster Busters is a mystery game in which students research disease clusters that might be induced by environmental toxicants. The game introduces the concepts of epidemiology, risk assessment, and toxicology. The process of investigation encourages logical thinking and problem solving and enhances student familiarity with research techniques and statistics.

To play the game click on the state, on the map below, that is the location of the cluster you want to investigate.

map.gif (12620 bytes) Ms. Ima Well Dr. Wanda B. Better

In your investigation of a cancer cluster you will need to complete the following steps.  This web site will help you with the ones marked with a checkmark.gif (589 bytes).

- For the Case of Ms. Ima Well, about Colon Cancer, click on Florida
checkmark.gif (589 bytes) Cluster Description
checkmark.gif (589 bytes) Verify the Cases
checkmark.gif (589 bytes) Risk Assessment
  checkmark.gif (589 bytes) Statistically Analyze Disease Rates
- For the Case of Dr. Wanda B. Better, about Infant Pulmonary Hemorrhaging, click on Ohio checkmark.gif (589 bytes) Examine Potential Exposure
checkmark.gif (589 bytes) Determine Biological Plausibility
checkmark.gif (589 bytes) Determine Cluster Significance
  Report Results - You Discover during the game!
Materials to Print
Introduction &
About Disease Clusters
General Directions for Conducting Cluster Busters Games State Health Department Response Protocol for Reporting on Disease Clusters Student Materials - The Case of Ms. Ima Well (Florida) Student Materials - The Case of Dr. Wanda B. Better (Ohio)
Note: these require the free Acrobat Reader
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