The Case of Ms. Ima Well

Welcome to Florida!
"The Sunshine State"

(4th in US)

59,988 sq. mi.

State flower:
Orange Blossom

State Bird:

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The size of the population.
Somewheretown, FL has a population of 63,011.

Census data for the County

Cancer rates in Somewhere Town

Vocabulary for The Case of Ms. Ima Well
National Cancer Rates
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The ten most common US cancer types   (new window)
Online resources for national cancer rates are available from the National Cancer Institute (new window) 
For information about factors that increase your risk of getting a particular type of cancer: from the National Cancer Institute's website
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Other Online Resources for more information about the health effects of certain chemicals:

A searchable web site that gives profiles of many pesticides is provided by a consortium of universities and housed at Oregon State University.
EXTOXNET...Pesticide Information Profiles (PIPs).  (new window)
Information about the top hazardous substances and their associated health concerns from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Top 20 Hazardous Substances.  (new window)
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