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Cluster Busters: A Game of Disease Mystery Solving (7-12 grade epidemiology curriculum)

Cluster Busters is a a unique science curriculum in which students research disease clusters that might be induced by environmental toxicants. In the process, students utilize a range of skills, draw from various academic subjects, and learn the issues and processes of disease cluster investigation. The game introduces the concepts of epidemiology, risk assessment, and toxicology. The process of investigation encourages logical thinking and problem solving and enhances student familiarity with research techniques and statistics. The curriculum currently has two cases (one is colon cancer the other is infant pulmonary hemorrhaging). Each case is based upon actual disease cluster investigations published in refereed scientific journals.

Teacher Guides / Student Worksheets
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Ms. Ima Well - Florida - Colon Cancer

Curriculum booklet

Dr. Wanda B. Better - Ohio -
Infant Pulmonary Hemorrhaging

Curriculum booklet

Cluster Busters Mystery Game

Cluster Busters Logo
This Curriculum was presentedat the 2003 Annual Meeting of the University of Arizona Science and Math Education Center.


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